Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miley cirus. Holly cra!.

Miley cirus. Cool pics:

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Would you REALLY kill a bad artist as the JBs and Miley Cirus? Or are yous spells, only to say you's a joke, but a real-nots ... Cans you will really be able soemone or KILL you're not serious?
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Miley cyrus nude. New picszzz.

Miley cyrus nude. Fresh pics...
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MILEY CYRUS AFFECTED my little sister! WELL MY LITTLE SiS LO0O0O0O0VED Miley And wanted to be her Just Like. When she found posing nude MILEY IN TOWEL IT TOOK all his clothes and put a towel and I ' I started ACTING like she was in a photoshoot! IDK WHAT TO DO .. HELP? BTW ' S PLEASE DONT BE MEAN ABOUT IT MY LITTLE SISTER is only 5. IT DOSENT KNOW ANY MORE
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